Electronics & Communication Technology Illustrations - Animation Loops download

Set of 10 animated vector Illustrations that can be used for digital / electronics / communication related pages and articles. Displays the contents related to satellites, communication, network, digital, electronics, cloud computing etc. No SMIL animations used. No external libraries used. Everything animated through JavaScript inside each SVG file. 10 SVG files and 1 optional CSS file Colors can be edited through style sheet file (or directly through SVG attributes) Each SVG has its own JavaScript written inside, so no external JavaScript files Animation speeds can be controlled through JavaScript settings Separate speed settings for each element. For example rotation, movement, dotted line movement etc List of Illustration – topics: 1. Satellite 2. Satellite Communication Channels 3. Cloud Computing 4. Automation and Manufacturing 5. Cloud Network 6. Device Personalisation Identification 7. Electronic Devices Gadgets 8. Global Network 9. Digital Data Abstract 10. Electronic Noise Interference

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  • Imported : Apr 18, 2020

    Updated : Jul 2, 2020

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