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Add bookmarkLike Screenshots Show all 13 screenshots Overview 'Milky' is a cool and colorful space style game. The main character of the game is the little astronaut Milky, who is stuck on a space base. The magical and cozy atmosphere of the base becomes creepy when it turns out that the base is teeming with alien creatures that are waiting for the stranger Milky to destroy him. To get out of the trap, Milky must find the key hidden at the base and find the door, upon entering which he will be able to escape! The game contains many cool visual and sound effects, characters and enemies sprites, UI elements, high quality images and many animations! 'Milky' was made with the FREE BUILDBOX version. Purchase includes both iOS and Android files + the main BuildBox file to make a re-skin. You can not re-skin the game in Xcode or Android Studio.  Features AdMob banner AdMob interstitial  Leaderboard More than 30 sound and video effects  Characters and enemies sprites UI elements Android and iOS files included (+main BuildBox file) Step-by-step fully documentation  Ready to upload on AppStore and Google Play Easy to re-skin  High quality graphics and sounds  Sharing functionality to any social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and so on) Requirements Buildbox free version, Xcode, Android Studio Instructions Download the 'Main files and documentation' folder, open the documentation and follow all of the instructions there. Test the game on the REAL device.  Don't forget to enter all of your your IDs and export the game once again. 

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  • Imported : Jun 19, 2020

    Updated : Jul 2, 2020

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