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Live Demo Add bookmark 3 likes Screenshots Show all 12 screenshots Overview PHP Laravel Jobs Site  allows job seekers and recruiters to connect.  The application provides the facility for job seekers to create their account, upload their profile and resume, search for jobs, apply for jobs, view different jobs opening with closing dates. The application facilitates the employers to create their accounts, search candidates, create job postings and track contacted candidates. Features The employers can create jobs The employers can fill out their  page. They can upload logo, cover photo  The program resizes the images. The applicants can apply for the jobs. The employers can fill out their profile page. They can upload profile picture, resume, cover letter. Job Seekers Job seeker can manage his account. Job seeker can search the latest jobs. Job seeker can see the whole job details. Job seeker can apply for multiple jobs according to his needs. Job seeker can update his profile. Job seeker can upload his latest resume. Job seeker can save jobs Employer/ Company Employer can Post new job. Employer can edit/delete and manage the jobs that he posted Employer can see the list of candidates who have applied for specific job Employer can see and download the resume of job seeker Employer can search the job seekers. Requirements PHP 7.1 (Laravel Requirements) MySQL Instructions Setting, Install: //Edit protected  .env  in the root folder //MYSQL SETTING: // Edit the datas with your access data of your hosting or  local server DB_CONNECTION=mysql DB_HOST= DB_PORT=3306 DB_DATABASE=laravel_workportal DB_USERNAME=root DB_PASSWORD=root //Mail setting | Gmail 1.Create a gmail account. 2.   Go to the "Less Secure App Access" Open the link > Allow less secure apps: ON !! MAIL_DRIVER=smtp MAIL_PORT=465 MAIL_USERNAME=[Your Gmail Address ( ] MAIL_PASSWORD=[Your Gmail Password] MAIL_ENCRYPTION=ssl ////////////////// //The SQL file is in the SQL folder The best Tool is the  PHPMyAdmin. Import the SQL files of the program from the sql folder. //////////////////////// //Image AND File upload setting: //.env //You can edit the file size If you want it. #max file size in KB : 10MB FILE_SIZE = 10000 #max image size in KB : 10MB IMAGE_SIZE = 10000 ////////////// VueJs edit: First Check the NPM is existing. npm --v If npm is missing You can download and install here: If you want to change the Vuejs Component: You can edit these VueJs components. \resources\js\components\ After edit Please Run NPM: npm install npm run dev Reviews 3 months ago atmega17 Purchased Rating: Well done nice work

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