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Live Demo Add bookmark 1 like Screenshots Overview Pixelium is a photo album/photo gallery coded in PHP. Ideal for photographers, wedding photos and for photo archival. No database needed, AJAX driven photo gallery/photo album. Easy installation, just upload everything, no framework nor external dependencies. Features No database needed, just upload your files. It can scan for files not just within the server root but anywhere it is located in the machine including other drives. You just specify the path. AJAX driven. Clean, easy to read code. Auto-generates thumbnails. No other requirements except PHP GD for image manipulation which is already installed by default on most servers.  Requirements PHP with GD installed Instructions Unzip and upload to your server. Create a separate folder in your server where you will upload your photos. The folder must have subfolders inside. The subfolders will be scanned and will serve as the albums. Put your photos inside those subfolders. Edit config.php and change set the path where your photo folder is located. It can scan any path you specify including those that are outside the web server root. If you are hosting it in your Windows machine, you can also put the photos in a separate drive and reference the full path in this manner: E:/Folder1/Subfolder1/ please do not forget the trailing slash. If it is within inside the scope of the web server root, you can use relative path. If it is outside the web server root, you have to specify absolute path. There is an Installation Instruction text file included in the zip file.

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  • Imported : Jun 19, 2020

    Updated : Jul 2, 2020

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