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Live Demo Add bookmarkLike Screenshots Overview Set Caller Tune New Ringtone Tune is accessible in this app for Ringtone, Notification, Set Alarm, Contact Personal Tune, etc. so please try the app function and appreciate the fun. All Caller Tune Songs are complete and enjoyable Bollywood songs. You can send your caller happily when he/she is calling you if you set Caller tune from this song list. The caller tune is free of charge. with Set Bollywood Caller Tune Song app it's Very Easy To set Your favorite Bollywood Caller Tune Song. If you are bored with the old songs then Set Bollywood Caller Tune Song will give you a list of Bollywood Song which you can use as your Ringtone, Notification Alarms Notification ringtone and Assign it to your favorite contacts also. ✨✨.How to use✨✨ You can manage your Caller Tune with this application. Play and choose your favorite tune to set as ringtone tune. You can also use caller tune for Alarm. Caller Tune Song as an individual ringtone set. Set as Tune Song Notification Sound Caller. Set as Notification Sound Caller Tune Song. Set as individual ringtone Caller Tune Song. You can save and download. Media / My Ringtone will save location Assigning your favorite song to your individual contact is a new concept. Now forget the older ringtone and enjoy the latest ringtone when you are called by your friends and a close relative. ♥♥♥♥ Admob and Facebook Advertise ♥♥♥♥ We added Admob and Facebook for revenue through online advertising. What you get:- 1. Full Source code. 2. Documentation 3. Design in screenshot 4. Support to install code on your machine. 5. Demo apk Features ❁ Easy to use. ❁ Simple user interface. ❁ Free product. ❁ High-quality song for the caller. ❁ On occasions like Happy New Year, Happy Diwali, Birthday, download and share custom songs with your friend and family. Requirements Requirements:- Android Studio Facebook Developer Account Admob Account Playstore Account Instructions 1) This app is built on Android studio 2) Easy to reskin, change colors 3) Facebook(Banner + Interstitial + Native) only replace Facebook Banner, Native and Interstitial ids 4) Admob(Banner + Interstitial + Native) only replace Admob Banner, Native and Interstitial ids 5) Replace your Icon, change the title, change package name, generate signed APK

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  • Imported : Jun 19, 2020

    Updated : Jul 2, 2020

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