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NOTE: The update coming soon. Description 6 Edge Animate projects (+16 additional examples) with animated SVG Donut Charts for infographics, statistics, dashboard charts and other data visualisations. Displays one value or compairs two different values Present as Donut or Pie chart Animated SVG (CSS3 animation) Free icon fonts used for the icons Resolution independent graphics ā€“ pure CSS shapes, icon fonts or SVG Any count of chart instances (easy to add more) Easy to change data, animation easing, animation direction, colors of elements (with or without Edge Animate software), add new ones or just remove them Included: Edge Animate files (.an, JS, HTML) Icon fonts in some projects (for preview purpose) Documentation Notes Icons from Font Awesome set made by Dave Gandy (The MIT License). Icon fonts generated with Fontastic ā€“ free online icon font generator. Images are taken from (Public Domain CC0 license). The projects were produced using Adobe Edge Animate CC version 3.0. Preview of Documentation Customer support Documentation included (HTML) Additional support by e-mail or this site. Iā€™m available to customise these files (at an additional cost). Mail me if you have any tasks. Contact e-mail: Ratings

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  • Imported : Apr 3, 2020

    Updated : Jul 2, 2020

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